Stainless Steel Sphere Fountains

Virtually indestructible Polished Hollow Stainless Steel Sphere Fountains available in sizes from 36" to 96" diameters


Many years ago, we received a call from a customer that had the United States National War College as their client, and the War College wanted one of our 48″ granite spheres with base in a location inside a building.  After we quoted the project, we verified to the customer the weight of the two pieces.  THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF THE HOLLOW STAINLESS STEEL GLOBE as a water feature unit. WATERFOUNTAINS.COM stainless steel spheres & acrylic spheres.  These sculptures offer you architectural design and are sold as famous artwork.

The Stainless Steel that we use if not requested for other is grade 304, and magically we bend the pieces of rigid SS to the shape of a sphere.  We do this in size from 36″ in diameter to 96″ in diameter.

As a water feature, we add inner tubing through the sphere, with a funnel shaped ending at the top of the sphere.  This shape provides for a more even flow of water from the top of the sphere, allowing it to flow gently over the entire surface of the sphere.  The tubing exits the sphere on the bottom, and regularly has another 12″ of tubing extending out, and then attached to a square SS base plate for mounting the sculpture.

These units are custom built for the particular customer, so lengths of tubing can be ordered as needed, base plates can be custom sized, and any design that is desired can be sandblasted onto the surface.  Of course there are extra costs for these enhancements, but our representative shall be pleased to give you a custom quotation.

The SS sphere when used for water feature purposes is normally a stationary unit with water coming out the top only.  However, in conjunction with our stone unit, we can fabricate a custom turntable in granite that can be used in the water fountain to turn the sphere horizontally.  This turntable can be hidden or visible to the public.  Call or email us for this custom quotation.

Chapman University

We provided this 96″ diameter Stainless Steel Sphere Fountain to Chapman University, and made a custom underwater granite turntable to horizontally rotate the globe all day long.  We also made the surround walls and flooring in granite to complete the project.

Nationals Baseball Stadium

This project was made for the entrance of the Nationals Baseball Stadium in Washington, D.C. , and consists of 30 units that are each 82″ in diameter.  Each sphere was slightly different in axis so that when mounted they would appear like a moving curve ball.

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