Our floating granite sphere water fountains are considered worldwide as truly Monuments To Time.  They are the most intriguing and fascinating fountains ever made.  The Spheres are massive pieces of high precision solid granite, floating and rotating freely with the water as it flows from beneath the sphere (ball).  Available in sizes from 24″ to 110″ in diameter.  The sphere fountain is ideal for exterior Landscape designs and also for interior applications, both commercial and residential.  Bases are custom made for each particular sphere, and can be custom designed to meet your specials needs and vision.  Self Contained units are available where space is at a premium, but a maximum of 24″ spheres (600 lbs) can be used for this purpose.

The Spheres can be etched with any designs, logos or continental etching for globe purposes.  The Bases can be engraved with any design or lettering you desire.

We specialize in custom making these fountains, so there is rarely any available in inventory, they will be made specifically for you and your project.  Please contact us to discuss your project, and in most cases we can provide at no cost 3D rendering to scale so that you and your associates can see what the sphere sculpture will look like in your location.

The Interactive Floating Granite Sphere Water Fountain Sculpture is rare, but will take the breath away from all who see it.

Our company operates under other names as well to include  , , and PlatinumSports.US, each having additional information to that which is located on this website.

There are Two (2) GALLERIES below

General Video of Granite Sphere Fountain Types

This video shows many of our Floating Granite Sphere Fountain types, both large and self contained.  These fountains are Monuments to Time, as they will be on Earth long after human kind is gone.  They are the most fascinating and spell binding sculptures you can find.  Massive solid granite floating on water, and you ask, “How can it be done?”

Installation of 6000 lbs of High Precision Granite

This video will show you live action of the installation of a 48″ diameter sphere fountain, the flotation and rotation when untouched by human hands.  Imagine one of these wonderful sculpures as your project.  Years of enjoyment, low maintenance, and an experience very few in the world will have have – the Interactive Floating Granite Sphere Water Fountain – a Monument to Time itself.

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